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Ubud - Bali



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A TON OF THANKS(Brata Inn's Manager).

  • Address   :  Monkey Forest St. Ubud-Bali
  •                   ( 2 Minutes by Walk from
  •                    Monkey Forest Parking Lots)
  • Phone       :  +62 361 974179 / 978236          
  • WhatsApp : +6281933048191 / 08113865529
  • Book/Info  : 
  •                     cc to
  •  CEO           :  Agus Brata



I used [] to book our annual family vacation in Bali, Indonesia and they took care of every last detail!

They have  a great hotel and made two reservations of tour and dinner for us! I had peace of mind knowing our trip was taken care of. Thanks for the hospitality and great service, [BRATA INN]!


Sarah, New York

Dedicate your visit to Ubud to see and watch both our Fine and Performance Arts.

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1st Reason

Brata Inn has a cafe that serve Balinese, Indonesian & Western Foods from our family receipts which will give a truly experience through the foods.

2nd Reason

Brata Inn & Cafe will do our best to have a high standard of quality. With our motto "Quality makes the Different" we ready to serve you.

3nd Reason

We believe with our quality & services that you will love to stay and try our foods.Then you'll have stories to tell that you have in touch with the locals. 

"Why Choose Us?"