Inn, Home Stay,
Cottage & Cafe
Ubud - Bali

Our Dreams

Brata Cottage (Officially not open yet) is our brand new hotel that's located in the new rising street in Ubud, Bisma St. The cottage has an awesome view that our guests could see like panorama & rice field view. Brata Cottage is set with Balinese & modern design and have more luxurious rooms among of our hotels. It'd have 16 rooms & swimming pool.


Brata Cottage

Our Visions

Brata Cafe is located in front of Brata Inn. Its cafe is a part of Brata Inn so our guests often call it for Brata Inn & Cafe. The cafe has variation of menu of Western & Indonesian foods. The foods are added by Balinese Taste from our secret family receipts. We believe with its combination will make  an unique & magic taste for our foods. Don't forget that fresh & clean foods are a must in Brata Cafe.

Brata Cafe

Our first business is Brata Home Stay. It's also known as Brata 1 Homestay and more famous as Brata 1 Guest House in Tripadvisor. The home stay is located in Hanoman St. 51 Ubud-Bali (80571). Brata Home Stay got certificate of excellent as a winner last year, 2012 from Tripadvisor that is a proof how we handle our business. This place has Balinese Traditional Design, Balinese Life & Balinese Hospitality.

Brata Home Stay

Our Profile

As a Balinese person, I know how Bali becomes one of the most tourist destination in the world. It's because of our unique & rich culture. It's why my family and I have a principle to keep saving our high value Balinese tradition culture. If not us who'd be. Then we always introduce our tradition & mix it with contemporary style. It create a style a'la Brata Family a'ka Brata Inn Group

Our family way basically is in education. We're all Lecturers in university. We're already running a home stay at first. Now we want to take it to another level because entrepreneurship is big hit now. Besides we always have passion to run a business. We believe it is very good to use our  theories and contribute to our local society & its people. #ThankYouForSupportingTheLocals .

Hi my name is Agus Brata. I am the CEO of Brata Inn Group that consists of Brata Inn, Brata Cafe, Brata Cottage & Brata Home Stay. If you have something inconvenience during  your stay & eat with us, please feeling free to tell with me at Please also add, like & follow  us on our official Facebook named Brata Inn.  #ThankYouFromBrataInnGroup